Whimsy Trucking operates 8 strategic locations, each within 10 miles of major midwest rail line exchange points, providing unmatched convenience and efficiency for our clients. Our locations include Mount Prospect (just down the street from our headquarters office), Harvey, Kenzie (based on 76th street in Chicago, IL), and Joliet (coming soon).

Having a presence near these major rail line exchange points allows us to provide quick and seamless transportation solutions for our clients. Our proximity to these key transportation hubs ensures that we are always in a position to offer the best possible service and respond to the changing needs of the marketplace.

At Whimsy Trucking, we understand the importance of being where our clients need us. That’s why we have chosen to locate our facilities near the major rail line exchange points in the midwest, providing a truly integrated transportation solution.


1901 S. Busse Road
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
Phone: 847-690-1246
Fax: 847-690-1253

Whimsy Mt. Prospect HQ

2810 Nicholson Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64120
Phone: 816-241-7710
Fax: 816-241-7750

Whimsy Kansas City HQ


Whimsy HQ Yards
1901 S. Busse Road

Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Whimsy Mt Prospect

2221 Busse Rd
Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Whimsy Mt. Prospect Yard

Kedzie Yard
3134 W 76th St
Chicago, IL 60652

Whimsy Kedzie Yard

Harvey Yard
400 E 167th St
Harvey, IL 60426

Whimsy Harvey Yard


3901 Houbolt Road, Joliet, IL 60421

Whimsy Joliet Yard Coming Soon

32880 W 199th St, Edgerton, KS, 66021

Whimsy Edgerton Yard